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Graphic Design

Graphic Design Samples


Logo Design for local Museum

Stories from a Small Town is a digital museum made of curated personal stories and artifacts which is currently in development. We started with a simple logo design working with their desire to be more approachable and less formal than brick and mortar museums while still being professional. They eventually settled on the variation with the lantern which can be used as their icon.

Logo variations from the final round of revisions

Logo variations from the final round of revisions

Application/Mobile view explorations

Application/Mobile view explorations

Sign Designs

Designs & mock ups made per customer requests while working for Signs By Tomorrow Fairfax & Image360 Fairfax VA. These projects involved working within each company’s branding and style guidelines as well as local government agencies for permits. Each sign required coordinating onsite and offsite production.

TotsNUs postnpanelcollection 1-01.png
FFX-2590 Monument with Brick proof 1 low res-1-01.png
FFX-1951 Monument proof1-1-01.png

Themed Wedding Shower Invitations